What wedding dress silhouette effect on you?

Choose one thing the perfect 2014 wedding dresses, good shaping effect and the profile is the selection of the most basic elements. Every bride size may not be perfect, how to well profile modification of wedding dress is not the perfect body is to pick a dress kingly way. Both A type simple slim or beautiful lovely skirt type O dress, all need to personally try to experience the profile surprises shaping effect. What size dress silhouette effect on you?

Magic the whole thin bride — big skirt O profile wedding
2014 wedding dresses

To become as emaciated as a fowl bride day with a sense of time will be very beautiful fashion, but the effect is just passable dress. Want to wear cute sexy impression, we must first solve the too small visual impression of feeling.

With plump curve bride love — the big pendulum type A fishtail skirt

Split ends high swing fishtail skirt can reduce the overall weight of the female plump, coordinated visual impression. While the fishtail skirt vent line higher also equilibrium in the visual hip visual scale effect, very thing plump bride wearing.

Waist fat type bride favorite — simple high waisted bra wedding

A full belly waist bride point slightly protruding, choose high waistline contracted section profile wedding the most appropriate, can reduce the weight.


Haute couture wedding dresses classic

Entertainment stars recently have been drying out the wedding, let the senior custom 2015 wedding dresses once again become a hot. In fact, in the haute couture shows each season, each big brand almost to dress for the last and most important a space for one person, the advanced customization and wedding, is intimate lover, but also indispensable business partners.

Winter 2015 Paris haute couture week the curtain came down, have extremely luxurious style of abstract style, with the surprise also is inevitable disappointment, but it will be a absolute visual feast.

2015 wedding dresses

Winter 2015 Paris haute couture week Chanel (Chanel) shows, designer Carle Lagerfeld and wearing a wedding dress closed field model.

According to reports, the bride modeling as a closed field, when it has become each haute couture brand and designers of tacit understanding. In the discussion of the high field when formed a bride modeling as a closed field Look “guild regulations”, lead the bride wearing a white wedding wedding traditional fashion, is the famous British Queen Victoria. In 1840, she wore a white lace dress, and Prince Albert married. Prior to this, the women were dressed in their most beautiful, expensive dresses wedding, in color, style, and there is no uniform standard. Queen Victoria broke the traditional moves, with the help of her position and influence, changed the history.