Picking the perfect wedding dress bride Conditions

To want to do the most dazzling actress wedding, a pair of delicate and beautiful wedding essential, then how to choose the bride a line wedding dresses it? Pay attention to what it?
Taking into account the wedding day the bride to stand for long periods, so the heel should not be

Too high, typically 5-10 cm is appropriate, the type can adapt according to the degree of high-heeled shoes for the bride to choose,
Romance Illusion Court Train Chiffon A Line Bridal Wedding Dress Aer0032

Fine with most embodies sexy, feminine women, thick with comfortable and stable, reflecting the bride’s dignified beauty, wedges

More suitable for the bride to wear high heels are not good, comfortable and able to adjust body proportions immediate. Wedding Photography

Studio Select wedding dress color, the first thing to consider with your wedding dress color matched,

Wedding also mostly white, ivory, pale champagne-based, mostly white, dress in red, Rose,

Burgundy, bordeaux, gold-based, generally light-colored, gold, silver and wedding with both, and can also

Dress with, usually wear also, and therefore for the last election
You can select and dress styles have the same details, such as bow

, Stones, etc., especially in the toe part is easy to see, the details must be able to dress chic for your one


Wedding color commentary, so you capture the perfect wedding

Bridal wear different colors give people a different feeling, pure white, red, warm, blue white
a line wedding dresses is elegant …… Although the main wedding, wedding photography at Monarch Tianzi new people almost always choose white wedding dress, But the other colors of the wedding also need a bold attempt Oh, here to help you explain the wedding colors, so you capture the perfect wedding.
White Series – still classic
White is an extremely shallow natural, environmentally friendly and detached, is advocating natural, gentle quiet type bride’s preferred color. However, the white wedding is not monotonous color, white and cream can be divided into two types, namely, where ivory white, divided light ivory, dark ivory, champagne and cream that is, divided light champagne deep champagne. Choose the theme of the wedding, you can laden with pink silk flowers, butterflies, to add color.
Green Series – relieve physical and mental

Bridal Wedding Dress

Green is an extremely pale, ice crystal, like a thorough sense of color, if hidden, or are green plus Bingying feeling, let the bride as lotus-like juicy.
Pink Series – lovely fresh
Pink has always been loved by the young girls, cute, Western style, lively bride will not miss this.
Yellow Series – Neon youth
Bright yellow skin white suit you, it can put all of your youth and confidence to show up.
Blue Series – personal comfort
Ning Xin, elegant light blue, set off the bride’s modesty and noble, romantic personality and inner world is rich bride best wedding colors.
Red Series – beaming
Chinese wedding dresses are often bright red, if the bride avant-garde enough, dare to bright red Chinese and Western wedding to second combination.