How to choose the bride wedding dress

How to choose the bride’s ball gown wedding dresses for their own it? Every bride has a different body and temperament is different, so how to choose a wedding dress fitting dress also has a great knowledge of, oh. Caused by the following three points Songjiang wedding photography wedding dress selection for you.

A: Busty bride
In the selection of the most important is to keep the lines from the neck to the abdomen of the simple and neat, too low-cut or monotonous lines, may not be the best way of modification, proper Ruching, and micro-low collar can let the chest feeling a little. Songjiang wedding photography: necklace, necklace for you seem superfluous ornaments, canopy sleeves and a thin strip will make your chest look more “spectacular.”
Modern Chic Sweetheart Chapel Train Organza Ball Gown Wedding Dress Apr0039
II: belly protruding bride
Songjiang wedding photography remind belly protruding brides pay attention to you, too soft cloth will make your belly more prominent, and satin, A word, because they do not close, as the body will get the rhythm and the effect of modification However, due to the modification and do not pick or inlaid lace wedding dress too. Do not waist lines too tight, too complex, can be used to cover a multi-level, but not too heavy, try to make the overall look relaxed, refreshing, clean

Three: skinny bride
Appropriate width and round collar, high collar is the best body modification, while the A-body type can make more sense of the curve, the thickness of the fabric and a bit of colorful inlaid pattern, can make you more weight . Optional round or large necklace and headdress, do not select the slender, sparkling accessories, but also highlights the gentle charm of your dazzling style.
Japan satin wedding dress with a chic Wide thin, neat is not wordy, one cut sequins pattern FengHuaJueDai do now graceful figure, outside the smock on, forming a light flow like dancing.
In the selection of the bride wedding when not look at whether there are new magazines recently, the addition of a model wearing a wedding dress look good, the most important is for you. Over by the Songjiang wedding photography is about to become the bride you made ​​in the selection of the wedding dress tips, bless all the new people happy


People too thick arms, wear a wedding dress how to do?

Each woman will have their own lack of shake, such as the arm is too thick people, they are very easy to avoid the sleeveless ball gown wedding dresses, in fact, sometimes you choose the right style of dress, but do not let your arm look thick. According to the survey, the real people who claim to arm thick, only 10% less than the number of marriages, the majority of people, arms in fact not only crude but more sensual. Anything can have a way to get around, and if you really feel his arm thick, then some effort in the style down.

Elegant Sweetheart Chapel Train Organza A Line Bridal Wedding Dress Awa0090

Another shoulder skeleton people, we can choose American sleeveless dress, so you can make your own long arms exposed, but also a kind of beauty.

Notice of 4: newcomer marriage preparation

Most of the world things can be repeated many times, but under normal circumstances, for each individual, married only once. So in order to run it only once a wedding dresses, new people have to work harder ah, this issue we are actively dedicated their proceeds to tell you so many years of marriage preparation Raiders ready for you to prepare for your reference.
1, a lot of new people can not imagine, in order to do a wedding dresses , the first thing to do is to determine the number determined style, because only you determine the size and style can choose the venue. The number difference dozens of people, different styles, wedding venue will be different. If you are in number, many of your favorite small venue can not do, because many people can not let go. If you are a small number of people, but you’re like a big bright and spacious field, you do not necessarily able to get as many large venues, your number is not enough, the site may not be willing to give you, and therefore, we must first determine the number and style but we must hurry up a little faster, then faster!

Bridal Wedding Dress
2, everything from the wedding venue to provoke. Many people think that I have to set the wedding or someone that I want to go first wedding dresses. NO, You’re wrong You’re wrong. New people, you must first choose the venue, ah, because even if you set a good marriage, you want to book the venue there may have been set out, so new people must first be venue. If you do not have space, it is difficult to talk to a lot of wedding programs set prices, because you do not know what style of wedding is not good for you to determine the price and budget, indoor and outdoor price is not the same yo.

3, will be a good venue went wedding dresses. Now fast-paced urban life, many couples do not have enough time to busy things about the wedding, so we are looking for wedding. If you have the ability, it is best to find have more reputation, fame and strength of the wedding, because if big companies do not want to because you can ruin a case painstakingly cast their reputation. However, to find the wedding couple can be big does not mean doing nothing, or to do some homework in all aspects, so that you know what you spend money, the cost Gaobu Gao, the effect will not be good.

4, the wedding is over, it will go and wedding photographs. A wedding is actually a very important wedding props yo, but large grand wedding, small simple wedding, wedding photos are essential, and it is one of the main event, so the new one can go through friends or network information, and word of mouth to find a desirable buy wedding photography agency, because after the wedding, only these photos are one of the few to commemorate the memories you left yo. Now a lot of places to take wedding photos set of system comes with a wedding, so you can save brides on the wedding preparations in addition to the cost of a wedding, of course, for some funds to prepare enough new people, this one it does not matter.

Perfect Wedding Bridal weaknesses election law

Sometimes really envy those who have body symmetry coat hanger, not so much trouble. But then, whenever prospective brides will be better for their body and clothing is no best, only better best. So, look at figure flaws should be noted that the purchase method of  ball gown wedding dresses, what may help you avoid misunderstanding, oh.

Bridal Wedding Dress
With double chin bride:
In the collar of choice, as long as you grasp a focus that is – do not pack a little more exposed, complex, high collar will be your bad partner, and mostly decorated shoulder pads and shoulder dressed will make Your double chin is more obvious, mo neck but the most suitable for you. The hair to be simple, the accessories also try not to be too complicated, sophisticated and not sophisticated car embroidery, make shift our attention.
Wide thin chic satin dress with, neat is not wordy, one cut sequins pattern FengHuaJueDai do now graceful figure, outside the smock on, forming a light flow like dancing

Pretty sweet bridesmaid dress chest wrapped

Bridesmaid dress is sweet and pleasant, but the focus of the bride can not grab the limelight. Chest wrapped white gauze dress, sweet and simple, is the wild section of the wedding 2014 bridesmaid dresses. Lace models pearl necklace off the neck lines, delicate and soft. Pink high heels and temperament of the whole body fit.
Muse: • Jacqueline Kennedy

Grape One Shoulder Knee Length Chiffon A Line Bridesmaid Dress B1mr0032

4 at the end of the last century 50’s on a ball in Paris, Jacqueline Kennedy wore a satin dress chest wrapped chest bow decorated with a sweet sense of elegance, wearing a pearl necklace with elegant curls, tell of her For elegant taste modeling.
With points:
When girlfriends bridesmaid, if dressed sexy and high profile, she would hate you forever. So low-key and sweet little dress wrapped chest is preferred. Simple and sophisticated accessories for your sweet look extra points, matte makeup and long curly hair is a perfect match.