The most popular classic 2014 bridesmaid dresses recommend

Although bridesmaids wedding is the bride’s background, but also to wear clothing style. Classic 2014 bridesmaid dresses recommendation, so you as a bridesmaid can show their charm.
Now popular bridesmaid group, bridesmaids are the bride’s close friend group, due to the number of more than one person, in the selection of 2014 bridesmaid dresses to worry, the classic 2014 bridesmaid dresses recommendation, so colorful wedding style.
Classic 2014 bridesmaid dresses recommend 1 pink, rosy red color
Pink, rose red are warm, is a kind of very feminine colors, bridesmaids dressed in pink dress, your wedding will bring more romantic atmosphere. When selecting a pink 2014 bridesmaid dresses, be careful not to be too fancy, try on styles from simple and detail, to avoid overwhelming a second to avoid reducing grade.
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Rose color

Classic 2014 bridesmaid dresses recommend 2 blue lines
Blue is a calm and elegant colors, combined with the white wedding dress, the bride will look more elegant and quiet, a blue 2014 bridesmaid dresses is perfect for spring and summer weddings.


Show the unique qualities of the bridesmaid dresses

Autumn wedding season, in addition to the beautiful bride, bridesmaid at the wedding also busy preparing also a beautiful landscape. How to choose the right 2014 bridesmaid dresses it? In fact, there is also a lot of attention. First, on the whole bridesmaid dresses and bridal to maintain consistent, and secondly, to be dominated by simple dress style, do not grab the bride limelight for the degree. In addition, combined with the bridesmaids own stature, temperament characteristics, choose unique bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids it!

Fluffy texture when ripe dignified and very cute wedding banquet when the nifty little furry texture of the bridesmaids cute dripping filling.

Western model of Chinese and Western design with festive red interpretations do not have flavor. Jewelry belt around his waist, pulling body type.