Color intimate wedding the bride with a proposal

Pure white, red good luck, green crystal, fresh pink, blue, Ning Xin …… even if you think the body should be a headdress with white, too outdated. Tired of subtle and restrained fashion new people, they can enjoy to make their Color intimate wedding the bride with a proposal the development of its “color”, bustling city full of pent-up tensions of life and youth and vigor long.

White Series – still classic
White is an extremely shallow natural, environmentally friendly and detached, is advocating natural, gentle quiet type bride’s preferred color. However, the white ball gown wedding dresses┬áis not monotonous color, white and cream can be divided into two types, namely, where ivory white, divided light ivory, dark ivory, champagne and cream that is, divided light champagne deep champagne. Choose the theme of the wedding dresses, you can laden with pink silk flowers, butterflies, to add color.

ball gown wedding dresses
Green Series – relieve physical and mental
Green is an extremely pale, ice crystal, like a thorough sense of color, if hidden, or are green plus Bingying feeling, let the bride as lotus-like juicy.


Princess ball gown wedding dresses

Other sense large skirt grand in addition to add a magnificent momentum for the wedding, but also to create the waists for bride. The skirt A word profile visual expansion, waist and skirt width scaling, show slender waist skirt design effect; puffy mask the natural curve below the waist, hip line high decided by the skirt profile, so effect is naturally born.

Exquisite choice: Rose texture A line wedding dresses

ball gown wedding dresses
Silver crystal and other respectively with upper and lower rose wedding, two elements of delicate and simple let low-key luxury and atmospheric poise com.

Tips: strap design slender arms lines for more slender bride; A word skirt for smooth and clean hair styling.

Romance: lotus leaf edge trailing ball gown wedding dresses

Build with hard yarn solid fall bala covered in Crystal Satin texture lap, rich sense of the level, the skirt has a sense of volume, but not for the bride walk bring heavy feeling, for romantic body thin version bride modeling.

Tips: with rich layers of grand skirt, accessories should also be rich layers, pearl jewelry with lotus leaf edge elements can be made very retro.