2014 popular black and white wedding dress do you like it?

In the colorful, brightly colored ball gown wedding dresses has a kind of wedding photography always remains silent, like an elegant orchids bloom, it is a black and white wedding dress, wedding gown might we see there are a variety of colors, black and white wedding dress have been very far away from us, but when we see Mom and Dad that era when black and white wedding dress is not that very classic it?


2014 black and white wedding dress is sweeping, you falling behind? Maybe you do not know which of the couple Who is, but I’m sure you think they are beautiful. No fancy colors, just a single black and white will be able to show the most of her beauty, which is the classic wedding dress. Can you guess which is which age do, in my opinion there is no need to guess, no matter what age out can deny this is a classic wedding dress. Gentle and handsome actor actress affectionate sea, love to do in the eyes of attention inside. Beautiful combination of white and gray, mysterious, pretty bride memorable.
ball gown wedding dresses


How to deal with summer wedding bride troubles.

1) try to stop the car in sunshade
2) proper water spray to keep fresh floral
On location makeup is also a problem – sweat, oil issues
1) bridesmaids or the bride ready mini fan (and to bring enough batteries)
2) on the car, we recommend spraying: alcohol + water (1:9 ratio), it would be more rapid decrease in temperature inside the car
3) with a bottle of perfume smell fresh, timely wipe remedy – to prevent indecent odor
4) Use suppression oil cosmetics, and makeup makeup artist responsible for the timely
The groom wore a suit too hot, not thin ah bride Sasa
ball gown wedding dresses

1) The groom can be replaced with two sets of clothes, use of the hotel room bath wedding dresses
2) Select bride Sasa as little as possible with bustle, otherwise the heat
3) on the bride’s Sasa style can also choose long and short in front, front to the back of the knee long tail, very cool light intensity.
Location easily blinded eyes
1) If you can choose, put together a 3.4 point in the afternoon, the temperature will be slightly lower than those in the morning and at noon
2) too late, then the time will be replaced interior shoot it.
Mosquitoes, and the sun big, bride wants the perfect skin showing the state is not easy
1) If married in the summer, starting in May suggested less out – sun protection sunscreen lotion is not the best way is to avoid contact with the sun. What a way ah ……
2) mosquito bites, do pay special attention to the lawn ball gown wedding dresses Best to let the bridesmaids with some first aid small items

Perfect Wedding Bridal weaknesses election law

Sometimes really envy those who have body symmetry coat hanger, not so much trouble. But then, whenever prospective brides will be better for their body and clothing is no best, only better best. So, look at figure flaws should be noted that the purchase method of  ball gown wedding dresses, what may help you avoid misunderstanding, oh.

Bridal Wedding Dress
With double chin bride:
In the collar of choice, as long as you grasp a focus that is – do not pack a little more exposed, complex, high collar will be your bad partner, and mostly decorated shoulder pads and shoulder dressed will make Your double chin is more obvious, mo neck but the most suitable for you. The hair to be simple, the accessories also try not to be too complicated, sophisticated and not sophisticated car embroidery, make shift our attention.
Wide thin chic satin dress with, neat is not wordy, one cut sequins pattern FengHuaJueDai do now graceful figure, outside the smock on, forming a light flow like dancing

Elegant color lines main summer wedding dress

The 2014 Summer cheap a line wedding dresses has to break the traditional wedding mode, not only to white, immutable and frozen sling white yarn has been out, color to break the silence, lake blue, elegant purple, mint green has become the mainstream trend this summer, light blue tail, elegant and noble purple lace, you deserve.

Elegant Sweetheart Chapel Train Organza A Line Bridal Wedding Dress Awa0090
Light Cougar no small girls in green, but not as Cougar charm, but their hearts desire for romantic love is not less than the others, they are charming and elegant, but also your own wedding princess.

Cute candy colored pink Barbie bride wedding dresses

Cute candy colored pink Barbie bride wedding

Said the girls most want to put on the body is Barbie doll clothes, pink and cute addictive, and now the girls desire to finally be able to achieve it.
Barbie brand launched its own ball gown wedding dresses, the color is quite lovable, this group is more suitable like to shoot the wedding style wedding photography lovely bride, of course, if you have enough courage, you can put on a wedding yo.

ball gown wedding dresses

Wedding is the dream of every woman’s life, wear beautiful wedding, happiness began slowly climbing to the distance. Perhaps this is one episode a woman, regardless of poverty and wealth, and hope that their beauty can be good one day, even if only for a day is enough.

Fashion one shoulder temperament bride dress

Fashion shoulder temperament bride dress
One Shoulder ball gown wedding dresses set off a boom year, with the United States and asymmetric shoulder dress retro style attracts everyone’s attention, once again return to the fashion trend. And because of the prevalence in the royal wedding lace sleeve wedding in power today, shoulder wedding dress is absolutely thriving, make you stand out. Next Sohu bride Xiao Bian take you enjoy several special shoulder wedding fashion, so you can pick out that one of the most suited to their temperament.
ball gowns
The design is simple and elegant wedding dress, fabric drape of mopping the floor, shoulder Department has two decorative flower shape, elegant and moving. Not simple.

The wedding special is that the new chic shoulder design. Touch transparent veil elements constitute the shoulder, waist with bright jewelry embellishment, but also among the soft little extravagance microstrip.