Church wedding should pay attention to things

More and more people prefer serious, solemn church wedding, but the perfect wedding you want to do this is not easy, let us follow the reigning Monarch Suzhou wedding church wedding photography to learn about the things it should be noted.
Church only allowed to wear the wedding day the bride Bra-style wedding ceremony guest dress should not be too casual. Hot days when men dressed gentleman should maintain the rules, avoid shorts and sleeveless collarless coat. Even Ms. hot days also avoid exposure through on the wedding dress.

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Wedding shoes
Church wedding, because the bride in white wedding dress, therefore, the color of shoes should be coordinated with the yarn colors. Gold, silver, white, wild these elegant sandals are a good choice.

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Wedding dress should be bright hues: bright colors preferred color of the bride wedding dress, the groom can choose some relatively calm white, beige, light gray and so on. In the choice of the groom shirt with light gray, pale pink and white is better, the best choice for silk or thin cotton material, can be worn alone when the shirt is too hot, attention must wear a tie clip.
Details of the accessories to complete: the protagonist of the wedding couple, in addition to the classic wedding dress, the wedding couple the most easily overlooked detail is the accessories. Summer wedding season, a time when the weather is hot, sweating phenomenon is inevitable, so the bride’s hands must prepare a package on good paper towels, lip gloss, powder, stockings, makeup or appear to prepare the hole in stockings embarrassing phenomenon.
Orthodox wedding dress and groom in the wedding should be a tuxedo, with a red or black bow tie. But generally there is little Chinese man dressed in a tuxedo occasions. Thus, in the majority of our groom a dark suit or follow the custom of course, if there is a white Western-style dress is also a very good match, also in line with the summer season, the Prince’s image vividly before us. Such coordination was wearing new church wedding atmosphere.


Wedding color commentary, so you capture the perfect wedding

Bridal wear different colors give people a different feeling, pure white, red, warm, blue white
a line wedding dresses is elegant …… Although the main wedding, wedding photography at Monarch Tianzi new people almost always choose white wedding dress, But the other colors of the wedding also need a bold attempt Oh, here to help you explain the wedding colors, so you capture the perfect wedding.
White Series – still classic
White is an extremely shallow natural, environmentally friendly and detached, is advocating natural, gentle quiet type bride’s preferred color. However, the white wedding is not monotonous color, white and cream can be divided into two types, namely, where ivory white, divided light ivory, dark ivory, champagne and cream that is, divided light champagne deep champagne. Choose the theme of the wedding, you can laden with pink silk flowers, butterflies, to add color.
Green Series – relieve physical and mental

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Green is an extremely pale, ice crystal, like a thorough sense of color, if hidden, or are green plus Bingying feeling, let the bride as lotus-like juicy.
Pink Series – lovely fresh
Pink has always been loved by the young girls, cute, Western style, lively bride will not miss this.
Yellow Series – Neon youth
Bright yellow skin white suit you, it can put all of your youth and confidence to show up.
Blue Series – personal comfort
Ning Xin, elegant light blue, set off the bride’s modesty and noble, romantic personality and inner world is rich bride best wedding colors.
Red Series – beaming
Chinese wedding dresses are often bright red, if the bride avant-garde enough, dare to bright red Chinese and Western wedding to second combination.

Elegant color lines main summer wedding dress

The 2014 Summer cheap a line wedding dresses has to break the traditional wedding mode, not only to white, immutable and frozen sling white yarn has been out, color to break the silence, lake blue, elegant purple, mint green has become the mainstream trend this summer, light blue tail, elegant and noble purple lace, you deserve.

Elegant Sweetheart Chapel Train Organza A Line Bridal Wedding Dress Awa0090
Light Cougar no small girls in green, but not as Cougar charm, but their hearts desire for romantic love is not less than the others, they are charming and elegant, but also your own wedding princess.

2015 classic backless wedding dress

The wedding is full of Chinese implicit and classical charm. Design and application of the back light Chiffon material, partly hidden and partly visible in the most natural way to expose the bride beautiful Braised Spare Ribs. Dress lace interphase embellishment, let her elegant taste gently circulated.

The wedding brought Princess simple retro style for us. Large area coverage Wedding Lace inadvertently revealed the Girls Princess like romantic feeling, simple flat back design for a wedding in the fresh feeling and complicated beauty attracts people’s attention.
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The Korean flavor wedding dresses, suits and elegant bride. Glossy Satin reflecting an elegant soft, two bow back decoration for wedding distributed in a dignified over losing the innocent and lovely taste. Is static in action, Reiki dimmed!

2015 spring and summer special thin white chiffon 2015 wedding gowns, the overall design is simple and elegant, rich Bohemia a free taste just released. Natural apeak raglan sleeve and back until the waist low V collar cutting design add radiance and beauty to each other, the perfect match, not only emphasizes the bride waist slim, more add a touch of elegance with flavor.