2014 popular black and white wedding dress do you like it?

In the colorful, brightly colored ball gown wedding dresses has a kind of wedding photography always remains silent, like an elegant orchids bloom, it is a black and white wedding dress, wedding gown might we see there are a variety of colors, black and white wedding dress have been very far away from us, but when we see Mom and Dad that era when black and white wedding dress is not that very classic it?


2014 black and white wedding dress is sweeping, you falling behind? Maybe you do not know which of the couple Who is, but I’m sure you think they are beautiful. No fancy colors, just a single black and white will be able to show the most of her beauty, which is the classic wedding dress. Can you guess which is which age do, in my opinion there is no need to guess, no matter what age out can deny this is a classic wedding dress. Gentle and handsome actor actress affectionate sea, love to do in the eyes of attention inside. Beautiful combination of white and gray, mysterious, pretty bride memorable.
ball gown wedding dresses


How to deal with summer wedding bride troubles.

1) try to stop the car in sunshade
2) proper water spray to keep fresh floral
On location makeup is also a problem – sweat, oil issues
1) bridesmaids or the bride ready mini fan (and to bring enough batteries)
2) on the car, we recommend spraying: alcohol + water (1:9 ratio), it would be more rapid decrease in temperature inside the car
3) with a bottle of perfume smell fresh, timely wipe remedy – to prevent indecent odor
4) Use suppression oil cosmetics, and makeup makeup artist responsible for the timely
The groom wore a suit too hot, not thin ah bride Sasa
ball gown wedding dresses

1) The groom can be replaced with two sets of clothes, use of the hotel room bath wedding dresses
2) Select bride Sasa as little as possible with bustle, otherwise the heat
3) on the bride’s Sasa style can also choose long and short in front, front to the back of the knee long tail, very cool light intensity.
Location easily blinded eyes
1) If you can choose, put together a 3.4 point in the afternoon, the temperature will be slightly lower than those in the morning and at noon
2) too late, then the time will be replaced interior shoot it.
Mosquitoes, and the sun big, bride wants the perfect skin showing the state is not easy
1) If married in the summer, starting in May suggested less out – sun protection sunscreen lotion is not the best way is to avoid contact with the sun. What a way ah ……
2) mosquito bites, do pay special attention to the lawn ball gown wedding dresses Best to let the bridesmaids with some first aid small items

How to choose the bride wedding dress

How to choose the bride’s ball gown wedding dresses for their own it? Every bride has a different body and temperament is different, so how to choose a wedding dress fitting dress also has a great knowledge of, oh. Caused by the following three points Songjiang wedding photography wedding dress selection for you.

A: Busty bride
In the selection of the most important is to keep the lines from the neck to the abdomen of the simple and neat, too low-cut or monotonous lines, may not be the best way of modification, proper Ruching, and micro-low collar can let the chest feeling a little. Songjiang wedding photography: necklace, necklace for you seem superfluous ornaments, canopy sleeves and a thin strip will make your chest look more “spectacular.”
Modern Chic Sweetheart Chapel Train Organza Ball Gown Wedding Dress Apr0039
II: belly protruding bride
Songjiang wedding photography remind belly protruding brides pay attention to you, too soft cloth will make your belly more prominent, and satin, A word, because they do not close, as the body will get the rhythm and the effect of modification However, due to the modification and do not pick or inlaid lace wedding dress too. Do not waist lines too tight, too complex, can be used to cover a multi-level, but not too heavy, try to make the overall look relaxed, refreshing, clean

Three: skinny bride
Appropriate width and round collar, high collar is the best body modification, while the A-body type can make more sense of the curve, the thickness of the fabric and a bit of colorful inlaid pattern, can make you more weight . Optional round or large necklace and headdress, do not select the slender, sparkling accessories, but also highlights the gentle charm of your dazzling style.
Japan satin wedding dress with a chic Wide thin, neat is not wordy, one cut sequins pattern FengHuaJueDai do now graceful figure, outside the smock on, forming a light flow like dancing.
In the selection of the bride wedding when not look at whether there are new magazines recently, the addition of a model wearing a wedding dress look good, the most important is for you. Over by the Songjiang wedding photography is about to become the bride you made ​​in the selection of the wedding dress tips, bless all the new people happy

To our heels wedding dresses dream

But you do not understand my love just want to let you have
But you do not understand my love only my wishful thinking
I love you but you do not know much more than you love him
But you do not know I just want to accompany you to walk the red carpet together
But you do not know I had a dream to do your bride

Luxurious Off Shoulder Chapel Train Organza Ball Gown Wedding Dress Apr0099
Oh good and noble, or crown diamond style it, followed by straps wedding dresses can also be purchased, as well as ball gown wedding dresses, do not wear a little tired feet (⊙ o ⊙) Oh

Many wedding couples, as well as plane model to shoot spring clothing is very seductive ah. Houseboat Proverbs of Love Church on Gulangyu most charming old building with its old villas strong continental exotic style, Gothic, Baroque, Rocco …

V neck dress sexy bride choice

The chest design “V” shape, like the word Victory, invincible on the red carpet, conquered numerous guests eye. Radiation force fashion bride wants to have the queen temperament, V word skirt will be your first choice.

Star: Elizabeth Banks

Haute couture ball gown wedding dresses gentle charm, rainbow colors overlap, so dress aspect full, V shape design of the chest, so that the overall curve more distinctive.
V neck dress sexy bride choice

Star: Michelle Ryan
Bridal Wedding Dress
Hanging fold down V collar, slim straps, more rounded shoulders curve bride, orange red to Asian bride, is the background color white gospel.

To create a beautiful body curve of the bride wedding gowns

In the castle waiting for the prince’s princess? Still proudly independent goddess in the end? Lhasa Luo (Lazaro) wedding dress has been ruined but vaguely can see the old building with its background, beauty with a kind of dreamy unreality. Are extremely picky about fabric gorgeous and perfect body curve designer Lazaro Perez, waist, hip with prominent contour fishtail styles and layers of chiffon skirt superposition of exaggeration, build the goddess ball gown wedding dresses in his mind. Upper body embroidery patterns to bring exquisite Classical Court wind, shoulder lingering touch of white gauze, bring more Beckoning soft feeling.

Color intimate wedding the bride with a proposal

Pure white, red good luck, green crystal, fresh pink, blue, Ning Xin …… even if you think the body should be a headdress with white, too outdated. Tired of subtle and restrained fashion new people, they can enjoy to make their Color intimate wedding the bride with a proposal the development of its “color”, bustling city full of pent-up tensions of life and youth and vigor long.

White Series – still classic
White is an extremely shallow natural, environmentally friendly and detached, is advocating natural, gentle quiet type bride’s preferred color. However, the white ball gown wedding dresses is not monotonous color, white and cream can be divided into two types, namely, where ivory white, divided light ivory, dark ivory, champagne and cream that is, divided light champagne deep champagne. Choose the theme of the wedding dresses, you can laden with pink silk flowers, butterflies, to add color.

ball gown wedding dresses
Green Series – relieve physical and mental
Green is an extremely pale, ice crystal, like a thorough sense of color, if hidden, or are green plus Bingying feeling, let the bride as lotus-like juicy.