Winter: the perfect wedding dress and cardigan encounter

In addition to leading barometer of the royal family, knitting sweaters popular in recent years also played a role in fueling. Knitting sweater with matching skirt, and Moe and stylish! If the “Sex and the City” where Carrie choose to get married at the age of 30, may wear such an estimate. Of course, the plump brides may wear it is not a particularly good choice.
Sleeveless One Shoulder Chapel Train Tulle A Line Wedding Dress Aae0056
Have to admit, when the a line wedding dresses and cardigan encounter, really adds a heavy smoke flavor, totally do not dream it! May be used in a special small dinner party with friends would be more suitable, especially for outdoor activities. Grabbed the little flowers, but also a practical romantic.

Do you like the wedding dress and cardigan combination with it?
Of course, the structure of the wedding dress itself is not too complicated, otherwise a heavy pile of sense, easy cardigan sweater is not gone. Wine red, yellow ginger for mature women, and “a little bit old blue” in blue and pink, then brought you the traditional retro flavor, especially with the film beat out the United States and the effect is very oh.


Picking the perfect wedding dress bride Conditions

To want to do the most dazzling actress wedding, a pair of delicate and beautiful wedding essential, then how to choose the bride a line wedding dresses it? Pay attention to what it?
Taking into account the wedding day the bride to stand for long periods, so the heel should not be

Too high, typically 5-10 cm is appropriate, the type can adapt according to the degree of high-heeled shoes for the bride to choose,
Romance Illusion Court Train Chiffon A Line Bridal Wedding Dress Aer0032

Fine with most embodies sexy, feminine women, thick with comfortable and stable, reflecting the bride’s dignified beauty, wedges

More suitable for the bride to wear high heels are not good, comfortable and able to adjust body proportions immediate. Wedding Photography

Studio Select wedding dress color, the first thing to consider with your wedding dress color matched,

Wedding also mostly white, ivory, pale champagne-based, mostly white, dress in red, Rose,

Burgundy, bordeaux, gold-based, generally light-colored, gold, silver and wedding with both, and can also

Dress with, usually wear also, and therefore for the last election
You can select and dress styles have the same details, such as bow

, Stones, etc., especially in the toe part is easy to see, the details must be able to dress chic for your one

Elegant color lines main summer wedding dress

The 2014 Summer cheap a line wedding dresses has to break the traditional wedding mode, not only to white, immutable and frozen sling white yarn has been out, color to break the silence, lake blue, elegant purple, mint green has become the mainstream trend this summer, light blue tail, elegant and noble purple lace, you deserve.

Elegant Sweetheart Chapel Train Organza A Line Bridal Wedding Dress Awa0090
Light Cougar no small girls in green, but not as Cougar charm, but their hearts desire for romantic love is not less than the others, they are charming and elegant, but also your own wedding princess.

Marriage wedding dress of great use

Intelligent bride both look good, but also know how to spend money on top of the blade. Wearing a wedding dress to buy a shame, how to improve the utilization of dress, smart brides own plan, but remember: knee length dress down the most practical, and then be selected from the style, the dress completely avoid being pressed bottom destiny. The following based on the most common dress styles, respectively as the highlight of the cheap a line wedding dresses, as well as the feasibility of marriage as an ordinary dress, made ​​comments, maybe your marriage will have to buy the dress, oh no small help.
cheap a line wedding dresses

Strapless knee-length dress to wear casual gatherings to attend
Wedding: Bride Tube Top Dress sexy exposed collarbone and shoulder, elegant and sexy on their wedding day, filling full feminine.
After the wedding: the design as long as not too complicated Skirt Bra coupled with a decent small shawl, it will suddenly become possible shopping, fashion party dresses, there will be no exaggeration, but a great lady and ladies temperament.
Tip: Small shawl to pay attention to the texture and color matching Tee Dress.

Luxury wedding dresses make the brides glitz

Layered skirt, veil with sequins, rhinestones and pearls and luxurious decor, soft lace and surrounded by flashing belt made ​​of diamond, open in the hollow oblique shoulder dress flowers …… all of which will make the bride in her big day sparkle like a star, like the red carpet.
A Line Wedding Dress


That chest and flowers shine like stars diamond flowing, coupled with retro aesthetic skirt, people might feel instant willing incarnation of the most beautiful bride.

Most are surrounded by sequins beaded circle that, shines, and the lower half of the winding flowers side by side.

In fact, not too often ornate decoration, just a little is enough, like this a line wedding dresses waist that stupid stupid to fly the bird bow.