Princess ball gown wedding dresses

Other sense large skirt grand in addition to add a magnificent momentum for the wedding, but also to create the waists for bride. The skirt A word profile visual expansion, waist and skirt width scaling, show slender waist skirt design effect; puffy mask the natural curve below the waist, hip line high decided by the skirt profile, so effect is naturally born.

Exquisite choice: Rose texture A line wedding dresses

ball gown wedding dresses
Silver crystal and other respectively with upper and lower rose wedding, two elements of delicate and simple let low-key luxury and atmospheric poise com.

Tips: strap design slender arms lines for more slender bride; A word skirt for smooth and clean hair styling.

Romance: lotus leaf edge trailing ball gown wedding dresses

Build with hard yarn solid fall bala covered in Crystal Satin texture lap, rich sense of the level, the skirt has a sense of volume, but not for the bride walk bring heavy feeling, for romantic body thin version bride modeling.

Tips: with rich layers of grand skirt, accessories should also be rich layers, pearl jewelry with lotus leaf edge elements can be made very retro.


What wedding dress silhouette effect on you?

Choose one thing the perfect 2014 wedding dresses, good shaping effect and the profile is the selection of the most basic elements. Every bride size may not be perfect, how to well profile modification of wedding dress is not the perfect body is to pick a dress kingly way. Both A type simple slim or beautiful lovely skirt type O dress, all need to personally try to experience the profile surprises shaping effect. What size dress silhouette effect on you?

Magic the whole thin bride — big skirt O profile wedding
2014 wedding dresses

To become as emaciated as a fowl bride day with a sense of time will be very beautiful fashion, but the effect is just passable dress. Want to wear cute sexy impression, we must first solve the too small visual impression of feeling.

With plump curve bride love — the big pendulum type A fishtail skirt

Split ends high swing fishtail skirt can reduce the overall weight of the female plump, coordinated visual impression. While the fishtail skirt vent line higher also equilibrium in the visual hip visual scale effect, very thing plump bride wearing.

Waist fat type bride favorite — simple high waisted bra wedding

A full belly waist bride point slightly protruding, choose high waistline contracted section profile wedding the most appropriate, can reduce the weight.

Popular color bridesmaids dress low-key and beautiful

In 2014, when several wedding, in what has become the biggest problem. As the bridesmaid, choose a2014 bridesmaid dresses is very important. The hope of several color dress bring you inspiration.
2014 bridesmaid dresses
Color dress – full of green color is very comfortable

When the poor supporting role, the actor is not easy. Not only with a blessing, dressed in style as a friend up, also can never rob the bride the limelight, not willing to be unknown to the public of their Right passers-b, perhaps in a friend’s wedding! In 2014, when several wedding, in what has become the biggest problem. As the bridesmaid, choose a bridesmaid dress is very important. The hope of several color dress bring you inspiration.

Simple knot wedding dress design Punchline

Believe that the bow is many girls love, lovely, full of sweet bowknot will expose more beautiful woman. Bring different romantic feelings 2015 wedding dresses or big or small bow can always be Punchline, wedding dress. So, for the love knot the bride, want to choose how a romantic marriage gauze butterfly? Here to have a look for you to bring some of the super beauty with a bow of the bride wedding! So beautiful and moving, how can you doesn’t love?

2015 wedding dresses

The stomacher design itself dress waist and V type, has the perfect body filling, graceful. While the stacked butterfly knot is the window of the wedding dress, very love.

The wedding dress design fold and random bow accessories matching, simple and elegant. Bowknot hair with hair, echoes with the bow accessories wedding, also exudes a retro taste.

Haute couture wedding dresses classic

Entertainment stars recently have been drying out the wedding, let the senior custom 2015 wedding dresses once again become a hot. In fact, in the haute couture shows each season, each big brand almost to dress for the last and most important a space for one person, the advanced customization and wedding, is intimate lover, but also indispensable business partners.

Winter 2015 Paris haute couture week the curtain came down, have extremely luxurious style of abstract style, with the surprise also is inevitable disappointment, but it will be a absolute visual feast.

2015 wedding dresses

Winter 2015 Paris haute couture week Chanel (Chanel) shows, designer Carle Lagerfeld and wearing a wedding dress closed field model.

According to reports, the bride modeling as a closed field, when it has become each haute couture brand and designers of tacit understanding. In the discussion of the high field when formed a bride modeling as a closed field Look “guild regulations”, lead the bride wearing a white wedding wedding traditional fashion, is the famous British Queen Victoria. In 1840, she wore a white lace dress, and Prince Albert married. Prior to this, the women were dressed in their most beautiful, expensive dresses wedding, in color, style, and there is no uniform standard. Queen Victoria broke the traditional moves, with the help of her position and influence, changed the history.

Runway trends: pleated homecoming dresses

The soft color homecoming dresses like a lithe graceful springs, in the spring and summer of 2014 there quietly surging, gently to rob you of your heart.

Fine vertical folds in satin and chiffon Wan via an implied emotional woman, and designers have the 2014 homecoming dresses down to the knees, the tenderness of the interpretation of a more elegant. Pleated skirts more than elegant style. A sense of perspective set of harmony knitting and elegant skirt pendulum head collision of subtle stitching embellishment, gold and silver shiny fabric makes the makeup of the Pleated Dress in a more avant-garde personality. Both elegant powder blue Dior sweet cherry powder, Christopher Kane, or Nina Ricci luminous white tone, can bring find everything fresh and new style for your Valentine’s day.

Called “Chiffon Queen” Alberta Ferreti, in her good at reverse folds and drape cutting, more embedded with embroidered flowers to express her advocacy of the theme of “joy of life”.

Every girl should have a backless evening dress


The summer heat so few women , a clear and cool clothes through the inevitable spirit of times people, strapless thighs, you forget how happens halter. From the red carpet to the streets, the beautiful curve of the back can become the highest point of the show, summer staffing a halter, your fashion sense no one can surpass.

Love to experience a variety of skin exposed way you have noticed often overlooked back curve, dynamic and elegant, beautiful butterfly bone lines show the best people inadvertently shadows. Today, from the red carpet to the streets, the influx of people have put a halter star, just add beauty to look back a glimpse of ecstasy, look at these styles and looks, your favorite and you would be best suited with a right?
backlless evening dress
For the crowd: back line flawlessly.
This oblique dress Rosie seems to see nothing positive excels at turning the whole landscape moment, elegant folds like water pouring down, to back gently twists and turns, romantic and sexy, chain decor was empty back add a lot of bright spots, better modification back curve. Like this almost veiled halter dress, slim build a strong sense of the back line before trying.

Delicate white skin, apparently without any hint of this beauty back by points add color. Elegant blue, complicated and tortuous sense of design, but to make something unique scenery minimalist style back, even without too much decoration, a move between a frown as if sculpted beautiful tall, tall cold attitude then fall back on the back of the fleeting glance.